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New Cart Stand for 6oz 8oz Paragon Contempo Theater Popcorn Machine Maker Popper

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**PLEASE NOTE - This is for ONE CART ONLY in the 6 oz or 8 oz size (popcorn machine NOT included - this cart will fit either a 6 oz or an 8 oz Paragon popcorn machine). The photo is for display purposes only and is showing (from left-to-right): 8 or 6 oz Cart, 4 oz Cart. The other size is also available (see our other items or contact us).
  • Made in the USA
  • Sturdy all steel construction
  • Chip resistant Powder Coated Paint Finish
  • Convenient storage area
  • Limited LIFETIME Warranty (for residential setting only; commercial setting has 3 Year Warranty)
  • Dimensions: 16" x 38" x 30"
  • Weight: approx. 55 lbs

Please note this is for a popcorn cart ONLY - Popcorn Machine Sold Separately. Photo shows from left: 16 oz / 12 oz Cart, 8 oz / 6 oz Cart, & 4 oz Cart (smaller wheels).

The Perfect Accessory to your Theater Pop or 1911 Popcorn Machine!

All Paragon machines are commercial grade equipment. This means they are actually meant to be run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These are the same products as what you see in theatres. That is why we can offer a LIMITED LIFETIME Warranty on this item (for residential settings only - commercial settings will have a 3 Year Warranty instead).

What Size Popcorn Machine Do I Need?
The best way to determine the actual size machine you will need is to figure out how many one-ounce servings you will go through in your busiest hour. A one-ounce serving is a bag approximately 3 -1/2 " wide by 2" deep and 8" tall (if you use a different serving size, convert it to one ounce servings). Divide the number of one-ounce servings per hour by 16 and you will have the size machine you will need to meet your busiest demand. Example: In the busiest hour you use 125 one-ounce servings. 125 divided by 16 equals 7.81, so you should order an eight-ounce machine.

Why are hard-coat anodized aluminum kettles considered the best?
When you are cooking popcorn there are two key elements, heat transfer and ease of cleaning. Aluminum provides the best heat transfer of any approved cooking material which means that the heat from the elements transfer completely to the food resulting in much better performance. When you anodize aluminum you are changing the molecular surface of the aluminum and filling in the pores of the material. This makes a very smooth and slippery surface which can be cleaned very easily and is extremely durable.

What makes popcorn pop?
A popcorn kernel actually has approximately 12% moisture inside of it. As you heat up the kernel the moisture turns into steam and expands. Once the kernel reaches 475 degrees Fahrenheit the expanding steam forces the hull to explode (or pop). How long does it take to cook a batch of popcorn? All Paragon poppers are design to cook a kettle of kernels in approximately 3-1/2 minutes. The cycle time is based on having the kettle heated to cooking temperature before loading the kettle.

What type of oil should I use to cook popcorn?
The type of oil that you use will effect the taste of the popcorn. The most common type that is used is coconut oil. It normally is regarded as the best tasting and has long been a staple at movie theaters. However, many health conscious people prefer canola oil due to its lower fat and cholesterol content Other types that are often used are sunflower, peanut and soy.

What's the best way to keep my popcorn machine clean?
All Paragon poppers utilize tempered glass panels, stainless steel or aluminum cleanout trays, aluminum corner posts and either plated or anodized kettles. These surfaces can be cleaned using standard window cleaner. You will want to note that you should never submerge a kettle in any type of liquid because it has electrical components inside of it that can short out. Paragon kettles are designed to be wiped out with a clean cloth after each use. Should you have a kettle that gets burned on oil stains you can order Paragon's kettle cleaning kit which will allow you to clean it to near new conditions.

What is "expansion ratio" on popcorn and what is the optimum level?
Expansion ratio refers to the increase in volume that occurs as popcorn pops. It is determined by measuring the volume of popcorn prior to and after popping. An expansion ratio between 40 and 44 is usually considered ideal. If the expansion is less than 40, the popped corn can be a little chewy. If the expansion ratio is over 44, the popcorn becomes very brittle and tends to break apart into small pieces.

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